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Deathly acts such as murdering, homicide, and genocide are acts that are associated with anger, pride, and even jealously, but none compare to the actions of suicide which are associated with sadness, grief, pain, that encircle and bound the victim, such so that he cannot see a way out. Furthermore, suicide is cause by many factors; some aspects are detectable, while others are not. In addition, suicide are caused by many elements including; emotional, physical, and psychological (genetics) they are also different in retrospective to age and gender. Lastly, there are many reasons and aspects to suicide, and while others are easy to tell why, others are not.
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While, stress is known as a contributor to mood, mental disorders, and suicide risk. Stress is a term often used to signify negative life experiences, or life events. Furthermore, negative life events that confer risk for depression, suicidal thinking, and behavior, includes interpersonal, occupational, and traumatic childhood events. For example, if the victim suffered from child abuse emotionally, sexually, or physically, other causes could be parental death, parental mental illness, and witnessing domestic violence. Moreover, these childhood experiences have all been linked to suicidal behavior, both acutely, and over longer time intervals. In addition stressful life crisis can also contribute to abstract experiences of feeling stressed and anxious. Anxious mood often represents a fear of anticipated negative events which have yet to occur. Even more, though depression spectrum diagnoses are important subsidizers to suicidal understanding and behavior, anxiety disorders are also important risk aspects for suicide. That is to say, some have argued that the occurrence of both anxiety and depressive spectrum disorders confer higher risk for suicidal thinking and behavior than depression alone. While, anger is another contributor to suicidal thinking, it is often preceded by life experiences which prompt frustration, as may …show more content…

Furthermore, some of these factors have warning signs that can be avoided and interrupted to avert any casualties. In addition, suicide cases can vary due to age and gender with males being more proficient in suicide, while females attempting suicide at a higher amount. To conclude, it is important to learn warning signs in victims to prohibit any further damage and to stop suicides from

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