Sugarcult’s Record Rundown

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Sugarcult’s Record Rundown The band has been implemented into dozens of both TV and movie soundtracks due to their innate ability to produce music the masses can relate to. The Santa Barbara band will always be able to produce both studio and live albums because of their strong following around the globe. Japan has been particularly supportive of Sugarcult and in turn the group has rewarded them with great music. Regardless of how many side projects Marko DeSantis is involved in showing his countless facets of skill he will continue to work with Sugarcult because there is no band that can hold a candle to the group. Eleven was Sugarcult’s first stab at songwriting. Santa Barbara band wrote some of their purest music in their formative years. The album was released as a demo then a reissue not most bands who start off with a demo that is reissued like many other bands. Both "Debbie" and "We Come Crashing Down" made the cut from Five to join Eleven. The alternative rock album featured songs such as “Make Up (Pretty Waste)” describing a Barbie doll type woman who conceals her persona with war paint. The album borrowed songs from their album named Five which was not widely circulated. The song “I Changed My Name” describes a friend with the boogeyman in ballad form. Furthermore, the line “And everyone turns tricks for fickle fame” describes why changing your name can run parallel to changing your band’s name as DeSantis mentioned when expanding on the fact the group could change their name with each album. The 90’s rock band took a turn with the soulful “Underwear” song showing they have diversity beyond their widely known alternative punk vibe. Wrap Me Up In Plastic carried on the vibe Eleven started off with power pop by includ... ... middle of paper ... ...kely since they are known to be the most welcoming country to a band. Many of the songs on the album abandon the traditional pop-punk tone and have an alternative vibe balancing out the album in conjunction with the discography as a whole. Tim Pagnotta has been enjoying the band’s hiatus by writing for other music artists. The songwriting Sugarcult listeners have relied on continues to be as pure as the first songs were when the group originally formed in Santa Barbara, California. While Los Angeles continues to be muse not just a song the band will evolve no matter where their journey takes them. The journey is embellished by the bevy of songs that can be transformed from a studio recording to an acoustic set followed by a live version such as “Memory.” You may not recall all of their hits songs though you definitely have heard them on TV and various hit movies.

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