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1. Poverty affects people even when they are unaware. The lack of possession or even money can become a tremendous burden on individuals as well as communities and societies. Sadly, many states within America are impoverished based simply upon the race and ethnicity makeup of the area. I feel that poverty in the United States is similar to many of the countries featured in Half the Sky because of the lack of information people seem to have when it comes to their housing and even how to handle money in terms of “smart” spending. Many countries, including the United States, need better education for how to end or combat poverty. The short chapter “Study Abroad,” specifically in the Congo, deals with poverty and the youth’s recommendations for…show more content…
Poverty, however, is different in the Congo compared to the United States in that the US government has policies and laws in place that are forward leaning in addressing equality and handling poverty, whereas in the Congo the government is not as worried or does not seem to care as much to instill equality and education addressing poverty into society. There are countless opportunities in the United States that allow our poverty to not be as bad as others countries that are not available in the Congo, the main being education. Within the Congo chapter, one can comprehend how race and ethnicity, as well as gender, influences different opportunities for social class mobility based on the way people…show more content…
In fact, as stated in this book, “A society that has more men than women — particularly young men, is often associated with crime or violence” (Kristof, WuDunn 158). I feel that with this society of men stealing and getting into fights, especially over something like being alone with a married female, has affected Aisha because she can no longer live in the way she wants. She has to pretend to not be smart and pretend that she has no clue what is going on, when in reality she knows exactly how awful she is getting treated in response to poverty. Her racial/ethnic attitude, I feel, really affects her in a way that she cannot be herself. She is not able to be herself, or speak up for herself, simply because most Islamic women are shushed and meant to keep quiet. Her life could end and she can be severely punished if she were to speak aloud and against discrimination. Per the story, Aisha was not one to want to remain quiet, but societal norms, ones that led to gender discrimination and widespread poverty, make it so that in order to keep her life moderately healthy, she needs to continue with the system in place. 3. Empowerment of women and girls is an effective way to address global poverty, especially since the majority of the world’s poorest people are women. Basically, empowerment is a fancy word for earning equality and respect and making sure everyone is equal. This global poverty is only happening because of the lack

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