Student Debt Is Not A Myth Summary

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I choose to respond to Here`s Your Crisis: Student Loan Debt Isn’t a Myth by Chris Lewis and Layla Zaidane as my first article. This article depicts the state of student loans in the United States and the effects of student debt on our society. The authors describe the problems caused by the increase cost of tuition, unemployment, and loan default that college graduates face in our country and how it effecting the average graduate. In my opinion the document details many problems that are caused by the massive amounts of student debt that is accumulating each year. I believe this study showed that many students cannot pay back their student loans, but they cannot default on their student loans either. The article states that this crisis is…show more content…
As shown in this document the issue of college tuition debt is still a major issue in our country. I believe that this article has given many valid examples and reasons for discussion of the effects of tuition debt that should be analyzed before foregoing your own conclusion on this issue. The final article I choose to review is What I Learned in College by Josie Martinez. This literary article depicts many of the pressures that students face in college when they are choosing their classes. The document depicts how the stress of picking the right classes for a student plays a big part of the anxiety that they face on a daily basis. The article also describes how many students find that it is helpful when they compare many of their college classes in order to find the perfect class for themselves and their goals. In my opinion the document details the different types of classes that a college student will face in their college career. From fun and easy classes to hard and boring classes, many students will have to face a wide variety of classes before they

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