Structure of Municipal Government

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The structure of municipal government is important because it determines the individual or group who has the power to carry out administrative actions for a given municipality. When a city or village is in the process of passing a particular ordinance the structure of the municipal government will decide what routes must be taken in order to make the legislation into law. The structure also helps to identify who has the responsibility for resolving issues when they arise. In the state of Georgia municipal government generally takes one of two forms, the mayor-council form or the council manager form. With regards to the mayor-council form, the primary policymaking role is shared by the city council and the mayor (Structure of Municipal Government, 2014). In the council-manager form the primary policy making role lies with the city council. However, the council usually appoints a city manager who is held accountable for executive functions by the city council. The city manager will report to the full council rather than mainly to the mayor (Structure of Municipal Government, 2014). The two municipalities that will be discussed in this project are the cities of Oxford and Covington. Both are located in Newton County, Georgia. The city of Oxford has a mayor-council form of government while the city of Covington has a council-manager government.

The City of Covington was incorporated in 1822. The city is located in northern Georgia about 40 minutes southeast of Atlanta. Covington is located in Newton county and home to approximately 11,000 residents (City of Covington Government, 2014). Parts of Covington can be seen in popular television shows and movies, most recently the popular television show Vampire Diaries. The city is run ...

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...ion provided by the municipality in the meeting and the interview it seems that they memorandum can be executed in a short timeframe. The appropriate parties have already begun to discuss the changes that will be made to make this partnership result in a positive outcome for the city and the county.


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