Structure And Culture: Social Structure, And Social Culture

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1854 words

Social structure and social culture are a big part of our life. We have different structure and culture based on which group we are with. I have a totally different Social life with my family then when I’m with friends. A social structure and culture I love and enjoy every time is, soccer. With what ever team I am playing with my social life is always the same. A soccer team can be built with friends and family and also can be made with total strangers. The structure of the team is always going to end up trying to be a good unified team. Most of us are looking to win the game and we know that if we play together as a team we will have more of a chance to win. So we might come from different backgrounds or cultures but we all have one object …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that social structure and social culture are a big part of their life. they say that soccer teams can be built with friends and family and strangers.
  • Opines that being part of a soccer community helps us obtain some great values, such as teamwork and vision.
  • Explains the importance of teamwork and communication in soccer.
  • Explains that material culture is a big part of soccer. the jersey symbolizes the team and makes players equal. referees need whistles, cards, and notepads to keep the game under control.
  • Explains that soccer is a strategic game where you have to be prepared in all aspects and be able to work with different values simultaneously.
  • Explains that individual play can affect one's norms and material culture. they believe changing their values would make soccer more of an individual sport and less of a team sport.

I believe changing my values would make the sport more into an individual sport and less of a team sport. Teamwork is such an important value in soccer that if it would be changed to individuality it would not be as interesting to see. It would be more one on one game rather then a whole team collectively trying to achieve a goal. Also individual playing lacks the intensity on making a play and how creative one can be. You can make moves to pass someone or out run them but playing as a team you are able to come up with so many different plays. You also have more brains to play with so more creative ideas on the pitch. Soccer is a culture in where I was literally born into. Playing since I was six years old I grew up learning every position of the sport. I was playing against the best in my school and all the way to the best in the state and even nation. IT showed me a lot of values and I know it will show me more as I grow up. This is an everyday thing in my life, but many others have their own culture and social structure where they learn a lot of values. The main point I believe is learning those values because that is what will make our social society

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