Life is Like a Game of Soccer

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Life is full of obstacles and challenges that occasionally require help from family and friends, and steps that we all must take. As human beings, we are constantly learning throughout these steps and challenges. So in this sense, life is similar to a game of soccer because just as in everyday life we go through the same obstacles, and have people there to support us. In a game of soccer, players, acquire cuts and scrapes just as we gain experiences throught our lives, and once the game is over we celebrate with our team, or with family. Life is like a game of soccer in terms of important people, accomplishments, obstacles, and perseverance. While there are many similarities in life and a game of soccer, they do have their differences. For an example, when hurt during a game of soccer, players could easily recover from those injuries compared to the injuries given to us in life, such as a broken heart. In soccer, there is always a definite winner and loser, while in life the lines of winning and losing are defined. In a game of soccer, you can severly injure yourself you can be out for the rest of the season or for life but in life if you injure yourself for an example if you lose your legs in the military you have to still manage how to live without them for the rest of your life. In life, family will remain with us for their entire life, teammates, however, will leave and move on after time. In life, you always have different accomplishments compared to soccer there is only one accomplishment and that is winning the game. Life is reality and serious unlike soccer, it's made for fun and it's just a game. The lines of winning and losing are less defined in life, while in soccer there's always a winner and a loser. Lastly, th... ... middle of paper ... ...ews we morn but we soon overcome it and block that part out of our past. If we become injured we can always find ways to get better or learn a new way to live, for an example, if you are in the military and you lose your leg they get the rehabiliattaion they need but they also learn to live life without their legs. In conclusion, we learn in life we have to face these challenges in each accomplishment to give us a sense of unity through our family members. In life, we have to go through these challenges everyday and some days it will be easy and some days it will not but as long as we have our friends, family and friends to point us to the right direction we can achieve basically anything we want too. Life there will be things that will hurt us or we can't be able to due, but we will soon overcome all these challenges in life and it will open a new doors for us.

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