Stress In High School Essay

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Stress is a situation that most people face in their day, whenever it be at home or in work. However, high schoolers might face increased stress during their daily routine. Stress is a natural reaction when it feels if it’s threatened; one’s body releases many special kinds of hormones including but not limited to cortisol and adrenaline. However, it’s obvious to us that some may not need these reactions when doing something harmless like taking a test as opposed to sprinting away from a hungry tiger, but not to our bodies. This causes overuse in stress, which has the potential to cause many health problems ranging from sleep deprivation and heart problems (Segal et al.). I have investigated some of the many activities of a high schooler, from relationships to sports to college applications. I have looked into if the high schoolers are stressed in a cause to this, and if there’s any effect the stress has in other activities. I discussed with a high school track coach of a prestigious team, John Murtaugh of Pascack Valley, a high school senior, and polled almost 80 other actual high schoolers or high school alumni from various backgrounds. Using all of the extensive information I gathered from them and many other sources. From my research, I have concluded that a high schooler’s life could be very stressful.…show more content…
Most books, movies, and even TV shows about high school have relationships as the main topic. However, it brings up the question: “Is high school really like that? How stressed does relationships make them? During my interview with a current high school senior, Jillian Rose, I learned that some groups of students put more weight on relationships, but most put heavy care into it. This is confirmed from my polling data of almost 80 teenagers, where they said on average, their stress levels on relations has an intensity of around

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