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2. Strengths and weaknesses of each tool in general (priyanka)
Breadth of functionality and degree of integration: SAS’s capabilities address all the base functional capabilities required in this market, although the vendor also enables customers to purchase various capabilities individually.
Ease of use and breadth of applicability: The ability of ease of use enables both business and IT resources to work readily with the tools. Notable is the ability to gain insight into the state of data quality rapidly via the profiling functionality, and then to turn that insight quickly into rules deployed in data-cleansing routines.
Product road map and direction: SAS DataFlux's product road map calls for further development of its Data Management Platform, which combines data quality functionality with data integration and Master Data Management capabilities. This aligns well with trends in market demand that make pervasive and broadly applied data quality capabilities foundational to an organization's information infrastructure.
Limited adoption of Data Management Platform: Although the DataFlux Data Management Platform is well aligned with trends in demand, it is still young and only a minority of customers have migrated from earlier versions of SAS DataFlux technology. In current market, approximately 25% of the organizations in a recent sample of reference customers indicated they were running recent or current versions of the Data Management Platform.
Pricing model and price points: Customers' satisfaction with SAS pricing model and prices is somewhat low in comparison with most of its competitors. SAS will need to adapt its pricing to offer more attractive entry points for customers with more modest require...

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...s. Reference customers routinely report substantial issues with reliability as well as challenges in keeping up with the pace of point releases and the end-of-life of prior releases.
Support and documentation: Reference customers frequently express frustration with quality of Talend's product support and the weakness of its product documentation. These are common issues for vendors with offerings based on open-source technology, but they will still impair Talend's ability to capture and retain enterprise-level deployments.
Alternative delivery models: Though SaaS and cloud-based deployments of data quality capabilities still constitute only a small part of overall market demand, interest in them is growing. To date, Talend has shown minimal activity in this area. Talend's tools can be deployed in public cloud settings, but it does not provide its own cloud services.

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