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Information and Process Management The behaviours, methods and practices for managing internal processes and actions in operations is called Process Management. Process management is a systematic approach to making an organization's workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. Process management activities are divide into sub-categories viz. design, modelling, execution, monitoring, and optimization. Process design is the systematic application and scheduling workflow, equipment needs, and implementation requirements for a particular process or activity. Process design is based usually uses a number of tools including flowcharting, process simulation software, and scale models. Process…show more content…
There are three phases involve in production process in order to bring the product to the market. The first phase is “Product Design” followed by “Manufacturing Process Management” and “Inventory Schedule”. Information plays an important role in this regard where correct and critical information delivered on time is critical. This is so because it improves the ability and improves productivity and speed of the manufacturing process. However even though information is critical to the process it might not be easy for companies to achieve access to the same. Some issues that plagued the same are format of the information that is available across networks and sources might not be the same and may not be compatible with the systems available or might not be easily integrated with systems available. Once these issues are addressed we need to find out the actual information that is needed by the company or firms. The information that is required by firms are generalized into areas…show more content…
This reduces the complexity of the required bill of materials and is also found out to be more efficient and effective. There are multiple information system parts to manufacturing process management. These include CAPE — computer aided production engineering and CAPP — computer aided process planning, among others. Other systems could include manufacturing executive systems (MES) applications that create a production plan from work orders while enterprise requirement planning (ERP) systems are comprehensive systems that track financials, inventory, distribution and customer

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