Strategies for Transitioning Preschool with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Kindergarten

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This is an article review of Anthony M. Denkyirah and Wilson K. Agbeke 2010, which investigated the Strategies for Transitioning Preschool with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Kindergarten. The article was published in Early Childhood Education Journal. Research (Rice and O’Brien (1990), Rule et al. (1990), and Wittmer et al. (1996) found that an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children who sustained suitable services in their preschool years, they are able to face academic challenges and try to continue developing their cognitive, living and social skills. How the children with ASD adopt the transition to kindergarten it’s depend partly on how the teachers control, manage and develop strategies when working with their family. This research was one, to identify strategies that teachers of preschoolers with ASD considered to be effective in transitioning preschool to school settings. THE DESCRIPTION OF THE METHODOLOGY A quantitative approach was used in this study. The population of 306 preschool teachers from public schools in eight counties in a Midwestern state in the USA involved in this study together with their counterpart from early childhood programs in eastern and central region of Ghana as many as 82 persons. In this study the selected participants sample were female. The most important issues identified by the participant are: - 1. Planning and preparation time 2. Find resources to help the family 3. Information sharing with family 4. Visits their home EVALUATION Autism children can be educated. The uniqueness of the learning patterns is caused by the inability in cognitive information processing. These disabilities can be overcome by providing a structured learning programmed and encourage stimulation. Structured lear... ... middle of paper ... ... to deal with changes. Moreover, preschool teachers also can recommend and visit potential kindergarten with that service to look an opportunities and experiences of the staff. They should go for open day to get information and procedures of the kindergartens to be compared. The effectiveness of the transitions for children, who had ASD from preschool to kindergarten, depends on how the strategies plan by the teachers. Further more, the teacher must prepare not only strategies but time planning as well and how much the kindergarten teachers are prepared for in-coming child. Sharing information and participation from parents are important to support their children with ASD. More studies should be done to promote a better understanding among teachers regarding similarities and differences that exist in educational practices in developed and developing countries.
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