Strategies for Overcoming Test Anxiety

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Anxiety can be defined as a state of uneasiness and nervousness resulting from the fear of unknown or the anticipation of some threatening event or situation. It can also be taken as a generalized mood or condition of mind that results from some unidentifiable cause or stimulus that is supposed to bring on some negative outcomes of certain possible future event/s or to simplify the whole idea, one can say that anxiety is the feeling of being worried about what may / will happen. This restlessness or uneasiness of feeling leads to various psychological and physiological disorders such as loss of appetite, loss of sleep, headache, palpitation, sweating, trembling etc. There are various types of anxieties. One of them is Test Anxiety. Test anxiety is a nervous feeling that one has or may have before he or she is about to take a test. This type of anxiety is categorized as a performance anxiety because it results from the apprehension or nervousness that one may have when his/her performance is to be critically observed or scrutinized and the whole pressure is on to do well. For example ...
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