Strategic Analysis of Barclays Group PLC

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Introduction Barclays group PLC is one of the largest financial providers in America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and Middle East. , It which is mainly engaged deals with credit cards, retail banking, investment banking, corporate banking, and wealth management. The bank is made up of investment and corporate banking, global retail banking and wealth management, each of which has several business units (Burn, Cartwright &Maudsley, 2009). Barclay’s group practices integrated global banking that which serves their clients and customers and also optimizing risk adjusted for their shareholder returns. In this case, it moves, protects and invests money for over 38 million customers and clients globally. This group is the third largest in the world in assets and in terms of financial provider provision all over the world with a core tier one ratio of 11 per cent (Barclays PLC SWOT Analysis, 2013). In the UK, it is the third largest on the market capitalization, with its headquarters at Churchill in London, England. The iImportance of cChanging the Sstrategy in the dDigital Ccompetitive eEnvironment of 2014 The increase of business digitization processes, services and products ensures a better understanding of the digital strategies of a business. Some of the digital strategies such as IT outsourcing and investments in general information technology are major elements of overall business strategy, which most of the timesoften allow organizations to differentiate themselves from their competitors and also creating create demands that conform with the norms of the competition (Cadle, Paul & Turner, 2010). The needs need to changeof changing the digital strategies for competitive environments areis prompted by: Industry Turbulence Tu... ... middle of paper ... ...mer satisfaction: a research agenda. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 26(3), 170-182. Mithas, S., Tafti, A., & Mitchell, W. (2013). How a Firm’s Competitive Environment and Digital Strategic Posture Influence Digital Business Strategy. MIS Quarterly, 37(2), 511-536. Qatar Financial, C.(2009).Qfinance : The Ultimate Resource, London: Bloomsbury. Reed, D. (2010).'Barclays banks on being personal', Marketing Week (01419285), 33, 50, p. 35. Roy, D. (2009). Strategic foresight and Porter's five forces : towards a synthesis. München: GRIN. Setia, P, Venkatesh, V, &Joglekar, S (2013).'LEVERAGING DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES: HOW INFORMATION QUALITY LEADS TO LOCALIZED CAPABILITIES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE PERFORMANCE', MIS Quarterly, 37, 2, pp. 565-A4 Turnbull, P. W. (1983). Corporate attitudes towards bank services. International Journal of Bank Marketing, 1(1), 53-66.

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