Story of a Foreigner's Education

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Where I am Today

It was a beautiful sunny day in the summer; it was my mother’s birthday. There was a lot of people and food. My mother was turning thirty nine. She works for home health aid agency as a homemaker. Taking care of disable and old seniors at their house or one of the homes that the state provides. Also she’s stylist, doing peoples hair, nails, and waxing.

August 2006, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to a sickek house. I’ve said to her okay. A sickek person is someone that is born with natural, spiritual gift that can read cards, hands and tell your past, present and future. Next day in evening we were driving to that person’s house. When we arrived there was a huge house on my right hand side and a tree in front of it. The house looked hunted that’s being there for decades. When we entered inside the house it was so nice and neat, the decorations were perfectly matched with everything. In the spiritual room was full of statues all around, and there was a lot buckets of flowers and roses, also many candles of different colors. As soon as I entered into the room I felt such a peace and a funny feeling that is unexplainable. After few minutes later a men comes in and introduces him self to us, he started talking to my mom I step outside of the room so she could have her privacy. Half hour later she comes out with a smile in her face and says to me “wow he knows a lot”, then she said is your turn now go in. When I went in he started telling me things that only me and god knew such as struggles in my childhood, emotional feelings that I had towards my father that I didn’t grow up with. He also told me that I was going to a medical school and I was going to be certified as a nurse. At the time I had a job working in a milk company as a clerical assistant, I wasn’t thinking of going to school because I just wanted to work. He kept talking to me and telling that everything in my life was going to change but I just looked at him and said yeah whatever. After the consult I was so comfortable that I felt like I knew him all my life.