Story about a Baseball Game

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It had been an unbelievable season so far, we were going into the championship game of junior league with only two losses. Of course, the only other team with a better record than us was the black team. We gave them their only loss on the second game of the regular season. Now, after defeating the better of the Mosinee teams in the semi finals, my dad, who was also the coach of our blue team, had stopped to watch the rest of the game between black and red.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Andy Dunst ran up to our truck and said, “Black is losing in the sixth!”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yah, they’re down 9-6.”

As we watched the rest of the game, black just couldn’t seem to get anything going, and the players on our team that were there watching were getting more and more excited. Finally, that last out was made, and we felt that the championship was a lock with our best pitcher going for the championship.

All week, I was excited for the game, and finally it was the big day. As we were going through our warm-up routine, everybody was loose and confident. We were fooling around just like it was another game. Players were making jokes, throws were all over the place like always and it seemed like we had been there a thousand times… until the game started. Josh Heinrick was on the mound in the first inning, and red was able to string a couple of hits together and score a couple of runs.

“Lets go guys, it’s still early and we can make up those runs,” encouraged my dad.

So, we went up to the plate, I was batting sixth, and went down in order. The team morale had gone from high and confident to rather low and worried. The game dragged on into the fifth inning and we were still behind by three. Now it was time to bear d...

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...ssed it! Our team was going crazy. The outfielder was able to throw out the runner going to second and end the inning, but we had the lead going into the top of the final inning.

All right, guys, let’s hold them, and we have this one. We control the game now, and it’s ours to lose,” encouraged my dad.

Red was down, and they didn’t have anything in the seventh. They went down one, two, three. Our team all ran to the pitcher’s mound and celebrated. It was the best feeling I had ever experienced from baseball. The energy was awesome after the comeback win, and you could tell that red didn’t know what happened. They had us down and out in the second to last inning, but they couldn’t hold on. As they announced our names to get the trophies, we could hardly stand still. As I waited, I was thinking, I will never forget how it felt to win my first championship.
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