Stoppards presentation of Thomasina in Arcadia

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Stoppards presentation of Thomasina in Arcadia Tom Stoppard uses Thomasina as his main character in the play. Her story is being told from the past and the whole plot of the play is leading up to her death. The play shows the journey of Thomasina growing up, to the eve of her seventeenth birthday where she would became a woman and have been married off to someone that her mother thought was worthy. Stoppard uses the present scenes well to introduce additional information that Hannah, Valentine and Bernard have found out about Thomasina’s life which has not yet happened in story in the past. The way that Stoppard links the formula that Thomansina was studying was very effective as it showed the true difference between the past and the present. As Valentine comments to Hannah “it’s Thomasina’s, I just pushed her equations through the computer a few million times further than she managed to do with her pencil”. Thomasina’s relationship with Septimus is a major part of the play as this is the most interesting and intriguing relationship of the play. Septimus is the only man who Thomasina has had a real relationship with in her childhood and that is because he is her tutor and they spend many hours together. Thomasina did not have a close relationship with her absentee father or her brother who is away at boarding school for most of the year. Thomasina really respects Septimus due to his intelligence and fellow love of science, a love that they both share. She also is attracted to him as he is a bit of a charmer as he had an affair with a married woman, a Mrs Chater who is a guest in Thomasina’s home. This was seen as a scandal in those days. Thomasina also wants him to teach her about love. He had already explained to her the m... ... middle of paper ... ... in fashionable things such as waltzes which are a sign of maturity and that she is growing into a woman. Stoppard keeps us in suspense throughout the play as he describes all the events leading up to Thomasina’s death and even though we know what is going to happen he links her death with the main issues of the modern day scenes which are all about Bernard and Hannah trying to solve their own particular theories. Hannah’s wants to identify Thomasina’s hermit, who tried to solve Thomasina’s equations and Bernard’s quest is to find evidence to prove that Lord Byron did in fact kill Ezra Chater in a duel. Neither Hannah nor Bernard realise Thomasina’s importance even though it is her drawings and writings that solve both their theories. Stoppard lets the audience know by showing the events that led up to her death. Thomasina is the key to the whole play.

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