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‘Titus Andronicus ‘is a play by William Shakespeare that went to become very popular during his time. The play was performed in Rome after the defeat of the Goths by the Romans. The Goths were people from German who invaded their country. Throughout the play, violence can be seen inform of brutal murders, sexual violence and mutilation, suicide, wars and conflicts. This is normally heightened by the urge of the characters to revenge. Examples of such cases include: the raping and mutilation of Lavinia, Titus’s daughter and the killing of Alarbus. Shakespeare presents stage violence that makes the audience concentrate and understand in a better way. The main character in the play is Titus Andronicus while the antagonists are Tamora, Aaron and Saturninus. Titus is a roman hero because he has aided in defeating the Goths. On the other hand, he has lost his own sons through conflicts. In the play, he has a strong urge of revenge. Saturninus, late emperor of Rome’s son, does not obey the authority. Bassiunus is Lavinnia’s lover. Tamora is the Goth’s queen with a strong urge to revenge because her son, Alarbus, was executed. Aaron is a moor who has been given evil personification. Marcus, Titus’s brother, always defends the rights of the people. Titus’s sons include: Lucius, Quintus, Martius and Murtius. Publius is Marcus Andronicus son. Sons of Tamora are Alarbus, Larbus, Demetrious and Chiron. Lavinnia is a vey innocent girl who suffers from unpleasant offenses. According to Shakespeare, Titus becomes a hero because of his campaign to overpower their enemies, that is, the Goths. Titus had captives like Tamora, who was the queen of the Goths and she was accompanied by her three sons as well as her lover, Aaron. In the battle betwee... ... middle of paper ... ...ay, Shakespeare might have used violence for entertainment purposes especially to those people who enjoy horror movies. But he still wanted to create logic in the play. Basically, Shakespeare uses the theme of violence to show how lack of peace can be dangerous to the society because it results to negative things such as deaths, rape and mutilation, conflicts and many others. He also brings out the relationship between revenge and violence. Many characters are seen revenging deaths of their relatives. This brings much conflict leading to intense violence. Most violence in the play has been seen as gratuitous but it helps the audience to discover the price people pay for their good or wrong deeds. It also shows the disparity between reality and appearance. Work cited Shakespeare, William. Titus Andronicus. London: Cambridge University Press, 1994. Print.

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