Stop The Madness: Gay Marriages Should be Banned

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On June 26, 2015, the US Supreme Court ruled that the US Constitution guarantees the right for same-sex couples to marry. Should gay marriages be legal? Why should our nation accommodate such a dreadful Supreme Court ruling? Gay couples have become a major problem for our children. Children only repeat what they hear, see, and other habits from their role models. Our children are the ones who are being subjected to these horrifying situations.

Gay marriages should be banned because God did not intend women to sleep with each other, nor men with men. It is a major sin. Plus, children should not be taught that same sex relationships are permitted. The effects on young children being subjected to gay marriages is the major problem. The effects will vary in children with has parents who are gay. Many children become confused and will not understand why they have two parents of the same sex, and when all the other children have one of each. This is when other children begin to ask questions, and once an adult explains to a child, the teasing comes into play. A child whose parents are gay will be taunted in school or some of the children may not understand and think that that child’s family is wired and become scared. This could bring child self-esteem down and their confidence. These are just some reasons why gay marriages should be banned.

Children look at their parents as role models and when they are taught that it’s alright to be gay we as a society h...

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