The Future Of Fast Food

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Have you ever thought about why fast food restaurants serve you food that is so good and why you keep going back for more? Well the answer is fast food restaurants try very hard to get you attention by the food they serve. Choosing to eat out when you know that you can make the same things at home is a mistake. You should know that eating fast food on a regular basis is not a good thing, because it can affect your life in the future. Every time you eat at a fast food restaurants you are giving up your right to be a healthy person. Although some believe that fast food has no impact on them, the reality is that eating fast food regularly can really change their lives. This topic was an interest to me because I am going into the medical field in my near future. Fast food can be defined as food that can be prepared very quickly and easily. Fast food can be very tasty due to all of the additional sugars, salts and preservatives. Fast food chains have to compete with other to keep customers coming back to their restaurants. Fast food restaurants have been around since the 1900s, but the food they served back then was much healthier…show more content…
Soechtig explains how obesity is very common in children in the USA due all the intake of processed food that they eat. The documentary explains how children who are grown up weighing more than their parents they have a shorter lifespan. Katie Couric the narrator of the documentary discusses why the magic words “low fat” aren’t all that magic. Things that are low in fat can also contain calories that can also cause health problems. In the documentary former President Bill Clinton says “”I don’t think high-fructose corn syrup is a good use of corn”” (President Clinton). Through this quote that President Clinton is trying to say explains that people are consuming a lot of sugar and that is reason why they are gaining so much

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