Stock Market Difficulties

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Stock Market Difficulties The article written by Ben Rooney entitled “No news is good news for stocks?” is about the inner organization of the stock market. In the beginning the author tells the reader, that there wouldn’t be any news in the sphere of economy, so the investors can keep calm. Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 500 both ended flat for the week, and the Nasquad is higher for a fourth straight week. The Fed was the centre of attention for a long period of time, when people found out about the possibility of decreasing its $85 billion per month. Thus, a lot of people do not consider the good economic news to be not a sign of a good chance to invest money, because of the risk of tapering. Author suggests the alternatives for investment (the bond market). The statistics supports his views. However, Keith Springer doesn’t believe that the Fed is about to tapper soon. Author provides some numbers, for the reader to find out about the situation in other companies. This article is totally related to the business, because it deals with the information, useful for the businessmen for decision making. The overview of the economical situation in the stock market is very useful for those people, whose businesses are closely connected to investments and gambling. Business can be strongly affected by the article, because the fed company can lose its potential investors and the gamblers can have a chance to avoid unnecessary loss. As a result the other companies can get more investors, and the investors more profit, but only in case, the author’s predictions are true. So, the article can generally decrease the number of gamblers involved into stock market in the nearest future. Businessmen Should Look for Good Workers In ... ... middle of paper ... use the situation with Nikkei index, and earn money. The strategic mistakes, made by the Prime minister of Japan can be taken into consideration by the businessmen, and this knowledge can be used to avoid such mistakes in future practices. On the other hand, all the successful points of the plan (Abenomics) can be used in different business and political strategies. Works Cited Isidore, Chris & Wallace, Gregory, (2013), “American Air back on Wall Street”, A Service of CNN, retrieved from: Kurtz, Annalyn , (2013), “Unemployment falls to 7%”, A Service of CNN, retrieved from: Riley, Charles, (2013), “Japan's economy looks weaker after GDP revision”, A Service of CNN, retrieved from: Rooney, Ben, (2013),“No news is good news for stocks?”, A Service of CNN, retrieved from:
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