Transforming Your Paper into a Presentation

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Transforming Your Paper Into A Presentation Fill in the following speech outline by using your paper as a guide or source of text for this worksheet. Some items will be completed by filling them in word-for-word directly from your paper. Other items will need to be reworded so that they are appropriate for an oral presentation. Presentation Title: Financial Crisis Specific Purpose: Let the novice understand what was happening in 2008 financial crisis Thesis Statement: In this presentation, I’m going to explain how the key roles worked together to create the 2008 financial crisis. INTRODUCTION I. Attention Getter: I guess most of you’ve heard the words Subprime Crisis again and again on TV when you were a middle school student 6 years ago. You may not know what it was when you were a child. II. Credibility Statement: In the past half month, I did the research and read many paper on the prestigious journals about 2008 crisis. Thus, I must be the best person to present you the 2008 crisis. III. Relating to the Audience: However, economics is relative to everyone’s life. We can still feel the wound of financial crisis up to today. It’s useful for everyone to learn something about economics. IV. Thesis Statement/Preview of Main Points: Investment banks, Rating agencies and Insurance companies are key components of the financial market. In this presentation, I’m going to explain how these three key roles worked together to create the 2008 financial crisis. Directional transition: First, let’s talk about investment banks. BODY *(Use complete sentences for each main point, supporting point, and sub-point. Add additional points as needed. Cite all evidence with parentheti... ... middle of paper ... ...cording to Mishkin’s Paper “The Financial Crisis and the Federal Reserve”, the bail-out amount is 700 billion.) III. Clincher: I would call this financial crisis as a robbery. Money from our pocket to wall street’s pocket. References: Bhardwaj, G. & Sengupta R. (2012). Subprime mortgage design. Journal of Banking & Finance, 36, 1503-1519 Cabral, R. (2013). A perspective on the symptoms and causes of the financial crisis. Journal of Banking & Finance, 37, 103-117 Mishkin. F. C. (2009). The Financial Crisis and the Federal Reserve. NBER Macroeconomics Annual, 24, 495-508 Mullard, M. (2012). The Credit Rating Agencies and Their Contribution to the Financial Crisis. The Political Quarterly, 83, 77-95 Preston, A. (2012). You eat what you kill: from scandal to catastrophe, the rise and fall of the investment bank. New Statesman, 141, 22
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