I Want to Major in Economics

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Many people fail to realise the importance of our economy, how diverse and interactive it is to our daily lives and the distinct role it plays in our constantly evolving economic climate. My initial interest stemmed from my lack of knowledge about the UK economy; resulting in the research about our recent financial crisis and from there it grew tenfold. I began to observe the situations around me from a different perspective, and with the help of micro and macroeconomic objectives, which are the fundamental foundations; I have been able to pursue this social science in far greater depth and understanding. It is a growing ambition of mine to explore what effect daily transactions and the conduct of millions of people like me has on our future in a domestic and global aspect. Further developing my study of economics will ensure I am able to explore such views to a higher level.
Keeping up to date with all the latest and most important economic headlines around the world is a part of my daily routine, as well as reading newspapers and economic magazines, adapting my studies to the real ...
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