Stick And Stones May Break My Bones, But Words Will Never Change Me.

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Martin Luther King Jr. was known for his active role in fighting for desegregation of African Americans during the 1960s. Surprisingly, Martin Luther King was not only known for his leadership, but his writings as well. “Letter from Birmingham Jail” was one of the most influential pieces King ever written; it was an article composed of all of King’s justifying thoughts on segregation and the Jim Crow Laws. Writings were significantly important in the fight against and changing racism. Published in 2009, “The Help” was popular in describing the lives of those who living in Jackson, Mississippi during the 1960s. However, “The Help” also described the importance of writings in changing the racial system by telling the story of a young white woman’s journey to publish a book about the hardships of being an African American maid. During early 1960s, writings were an important element in mentally and physically changing the racial unjust systems in Jackson, Mississippi.
Writings demonstrated its mental importance in the fight against racism in early 1960s, Jackson, Mississippi. In the...
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