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Throughout his life, Steven Paul Jobs showed that he had an interesting way of looking at the world. As a young child he easily became distracted in class and turned to pranking his teachers and classmates to stay entertained. In his young adult years, he was often described as cold or “impossible to deal with” (Isaacson 43). Despite his attitude, he still managed to impress by working with electronics and creating new ideas. Through his early experiences and accomplishments, Jobs created companies that changed the technology world and resulted in the successful Apple Corporation.
Steve Jobs was often bored by school and turned to mischief to keep himself entertained. Jobs played pranks on his teachers and classmates throughout elementary school. Once in third grade, Jobs set off an explosive under his teacher’s chair (Isaacson 12). In ninth grade Jobs attended Homestead High and became friends with seniors who also had an interest in technology. For an electronics project, Jobs contacted William Hewlett of Hewlett Packard for parts. Jobs was offered a summer internship (Noce 24). After finishing high school, Jobs was not set on attending college. Jobs told his parents he would only go to college if he attended Reed College (Isaacson 33). Jobs dropped out of college after one semester but still attended classes that interested him between art and technology (Isaacson 40). Using his education, Jobs was able to put his creativity into small inventions and learn from them.
While receiving education, Steven Jobs also grew in knowledge as he made small inventions and took small jobs. In high school, Jobs had once wired speakers doubling as a microphone in his house and built a control room in his closet to listen in on other rooms...

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...mpanies on Earth (Isaacson 566). In May 2000, Apple’s marked value was one twentieth of Microsoft’s. In May 2010, Apple surpassed Microsoft as the world’s most valuable technology company.

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