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In one of the best “American Dream” stories known to this generation, Steve Jobs has built what he believed into a reality. Steve Jobs was born into a very simple life, but left it being one of the most innovative leaders of all time. Time and time again, he was able to rally his team to bring forth some of the best, and most exciting new items in my lifetime. One of the reasons behind this is due to his amazing leadership abilities that seemed to come so natural to him. Steve Jobs had a very unique style of leadership. Some might say he actually displayed a visionary form of leadership by portraying exactly what he wanted to his employees in a way that got them to follow. When Steve Jobs had a goal he wanted to achieve, he was so vivid with his team around him that they could see exactly what he wanted to do. Steve Jobs was one of the few entrepreneurs who truly has made the fifth level of leadership. This level of leadership is called the pinnacle level. One that reaches this level is able to get people to follow you just because of who you are and what you have made of your name from past experiences. Although this is the desired goal of every single leader, very few truly reach this. Steve Jobs leadership style was incredibly helpful towards the growth of Apple. He created the perfect…show more content…
It was a failure that he was forced out of (Princeton). This was a giant learning experience for Jobs because he learned that sometimes the best technology with the most advanced features does not always go well. This is a classic example of an entrepreneur creating something that “he” wants, instead of where the market directs him. Lisa was far too complicated for the general public to use which resulted in weak sales (Princeton). As anyone can tell now, Apple products are some of the easiest technology to use if you are just a “normal” person. Apple has strived to make that one of their

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