Steroids Damage both Athletes and Sports

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Athletes have passed or failed many tests in their life time. Either on the field or off the field it’s safe to say it would be better if they pass. Failing a test in the class room just means a bad grade. Failing a test in the sports world means an athlete can lose their job, get suspended, lose money, and lose their loyal fans and much more. Athletes can be drug tested for basically anything whether it is illegal drugs or performance enhancing drugs. Steroids are obviously the most well known drug in sports. There are three different types of steroids. Anabolic steroids are chemically derived from testosterone. They are seen in growth and thickening of the body’s non-reproductive tract tissues and have a decrease in body fat. Androgenic steroids effects are seen in growth of the male reproductive tract and development of male secondary sexual characteristics. Cortico steroids are man made and mimic the activity of cortisone. Cortisone is naturally produced in the body and deals with injuries. 2 Anabolic steroids, when combined with vigorous physical training, do enhance athletic performance by making users bigger, stronger, and faster—while also speeding up their recovery time after strenuous exercise. If steroids effectively enhance performance, what is wrong with allowing athletes to take advantage of modern medicine and pharmacology? After all, athletes frequently are given painkillers and are fitted with artificial devices designed to enable continued participation in a sport despite injury. (Mitten par.6) Professional and collegiate athletic commissioners should enforce athletic drug testing. Drug testing doesn’t seem like a big deal to athletes. Many put their careers on the line just to hit a homeru... ... middle of paper ... ...y’s society, the economic and intangible rewards for extraordinary athletic achievements and winning performances are substantial. Therefore, there is a significant incentive for athletes to maximize their on-field performance, which is the paramount objective of sports competition. Virtually all athletes use various artificial means to enhance their body’s natural performance while playing their respective sports. (Mitten Par.1) Although this is a steroid era, not all athletes use banned substances. 5 Taking or using banned drugs does more damage than just to the body. Athletes can lose their jobs, lose money, lose their fans, lose what they have accomplished, and could go to jail. “Performance enhancing drugs are not only prohibited because they violate the spirit of sport but because they can damage the health of athletes.” (Mackenzie-Wilson Par.3)

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