Stereotypes And Misconceptions

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Stereotypes and misconceptions have become more commonly identified throughout the many languages in modern day society. Both are used as an approach of setting an identity on a certain individual based solely on his or her appearance, characteristics, behavior, race, religion, etc.. However, stereotypes are based on some aspect of truth while misconceptions are simply false assumptions or misunderstandings. For example, a stereotype could be when a person assumes that all people who wear glasses are smart simply because those who wear glasses are generally intelligent; yet, not all people who wears glasses are necessarily smart. On the other hand, a misconception is when someone has an opinion that is incorrect because it is based on a misunderstanding such as blind bats, urine soothing a jellyfish sting, and hair thickening after shaving. These are some examples of misconceptions. Many groups in our modern day social culture have been generalized or categorized in a certain label and as a result, it sets standards in our society. It allows society to be able to set titles and restrictions on certain aspects of life. A group that is commonly misunderstood due to misconceptions and stereotypes are people with hearing aids. People with hearing aids are often underestimated because of their disability and are expected to have limited abilities compared to someone who is completely normal. This particular…show more content…
Stereotypes affect people’s lives socially, emotionally, and physically. A stereotype is based on truth; however, it leads to a great deal of inaccuracy in social perception. Stereotypes vary throughout the social spectrum and paints a general picture based on that particular group. It creates a distortion on how everything should be and it sets expectations on everyone and everything. Stereotypes create misconceptions of how people act based on their culture, appearance, and

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