Goth Stereotypes

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In this world, people tend to already have a mental picture of who that person is based on appearance. Even though people like to use the saying ”Don't judge a book by its cover” people still have the tendency to do so. This image is called a stereotype, which is used to categorize a group of people but is usually exaggerated. Stereotypes are based on some truth because they might have been true a long time ago but aren't true anymore. Misconceptions are a view or assumption of a group or person that has no truth behind it. Humans have found it easy to create or maintain stereotypes or misconceptions that can completely degrade one another. These demeaning stereotypes and misconceptions have no evidence of being true. Stereotyping will continue to be human nature because if one person says something everyone will always see them that way and that is how that group or person will be perceived. Even though there are countless groups that are perceived one way but really aren't that way are the people in the emo and goth subculture. People have made up so many stereotypes and misconceptions about emos …show more content…

Since all emos and goths are categorized as being depressed/suicidal, satanic, and only listen to heavy metal. Stereotypes and some misconceptions have some truth to them but most likely it’s false. Misconceptions are just assumptions about a person or group that is completely false because there is no type of evidence to back up what that person may have said. Alysia also states “ Being emo was a big trend in the early 2000’s, so the stereotypical emo was often seen by a lot of people and those people made generalizations about the emo subculture.” Being emo or goth does not make you depressed or suicidal or the other way around. As long as people continue to judge by one’s appearance and continue to gossip, stereotypes and misconceptions will still be passed on and new ones will be

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