Failed Assassination: The Elusive Royal Twins

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The door to the bridge of the ship opened and a man dressed in torn and tattered clothing stumbled in. He was one of the assassins tasked to kill Stella and her twin hunters, now that they have finally been captured. “What happened?” said a man who rushed up to the captain’s chair. “Is Princess Stella Yorkton dead yet?” “I don’t know. I was stopped as soon as I stepped off the ship and was told that Prince Manu had escaped. They said it might have been that pretty boy weapons’ trader that had barely fled from being a permanent guest of the hunter twins. Somehow his ship had slipped away without anyone knowing. I took thirty of my best men with me to try and recapture the prince. They are all dead. We have failed and should leave …show more content…

There screams for me to have mercy on my brothers made it even more precious. I couldn’t have them challenging my rule of the Five Galactic Empires when they are mine. But, nothing gave me greater joy than torturing my own mother until she no longer wanted to play with me on my eleventh lunar birthday. Father understood why I did it after he told me himself that I could’ve had all I ever wished with ease like Stella Yorkton if I had the Killeen Nebula Queen as my mother. But, your people spoiled it, didn’t they mother?” A 3D hologram screen appeared with the Killeen Nebula Queen smiling and saying, “Yes, my Precious Daughter.” “Too bad you will miss me finally eradicating the princess called Stella Yorkton from our Seven Nebula and my wedding ceremony that must take place before the next solar exchange,” she said sadly with her lip poked out. “Don’t forget to say hello to both my mothers.” “Maybe someone should help you say those words yourself,” said a harsh woman’s voice. A 3D projection of a young Queen of the Killeen Nebula appeared off to the side of the frightened assassin. (It was Margery’s oldest daughter dressed exactly like her mother.) “Mother!” the face changing woman in the captain’s chair choked, visibly surprised. “How is this possible? This fool had caused your death when I had commanded him

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