Staying At Home Vs. Movie Theater Vs Staying At Home

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Would you rather immerse yourself in a pile of pillows and blankets with your friends while watching a film or doll up to view the big screen? The price, food and comfort level each alter between the two. Going out to the movies and staying at home to watch a flick have several differences. One of the main differences between the movie theater and staying at home is the price. Movie tickets can be expensive, and this is often one of the reasons why people stay home. Staying at home can save a large amount of money, because the temptations are not available like buying more snacks than necessary or buying a 3-D ticket which costs even more money. Families usually enjoy watching a movie at the theater together. If this family is large, the…show more content…
At home, there are no worries about talking strangers or the distractions of cell phone sounds and lights. Large crowds of people in one theater can also be difficult, because more likely than not there is someone always excusing themselves to use the restroom and distracting others from the movie. Even though movie theater seats usually provide maximum comfort, one has the opportunity to curl up on the couch with as many fuzzy blankets and plump pillows as he or she chooses. At the theater, it is common courtesy to be aware of surroundings and to try to avoid kicking seats, spilling food, or whispering too loudly. At home, the privacy eliminates these stresses and worries. Spending quality time with friends or family at home while viewing a movie is more intimate because there aren’t strangers surrounding you, and the movie can be paused to discuss any thoughts or opinions. If there are children present while watching the movie at a theater, they usually have one million questions to ask. It is usually hard to calm them down or answer any silly questions that they have. At home, the children can feel free to express themselves and be curious without distracting the public viewers because of the intimacy of family at home. Privacy is highly limited at the theater and it is difficult to release any emotions as freely as one would at home. One could laugh at the top of their lungs or begin sobbing with a box of tissues nearby, and no one would judge. In public, respect is mandatory. A person has to completely filter what he or she says or does because of the public. Lastly, while watching a movie at home, one has the ability to pause, rewind, or forward whenever needed. Overall, it depends on the person whether he or she prefers to adventure to the movie theater or enjoy the privacy at home. The movie theater or the living room setting are both great ways to watch a movie, but
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