Statement of Purpose

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Statement of Purpose As a child, litterbugs and their negative influence on the appearance of my surroundings always annoyed me. The teaching method in my playschool motivated my interest on nature through a combination of self-directed activities and my own natural inner guidance. As my knowledge advanced over the years, I acquired a high level of critical thinking skills and creativity and often surprised my teachers by suggesting creative solutions to problems. Around age fourteen, I got more serious in civil and environmental engineering since society’s ignorance toward environment in my country was always one of my concerns. Through watching programs on in Discovery channel and discussing them with my father, a Professor in Environmental Engineering in University of Tehran and graduate of Leads University, I got more involved with environmental studies. During the summers in high school, I visited some of the Wastewater Treatment Plants in Tehran and learned about their functions. After receiving my high school diploma in mathematics and physics, I entered Civil Engineering in University of Tehran's School of Engineering (Highest ranking Civil Engineering school in Iran) since there is no option to study Environmental Engineering for a bachelor’s degree in University of Tehran. To gain admission, I placed among top 1% out of more than 400,000 participants in Iran’s highly competitive University Entrance Exam (Konkoor). Studying in the School of Civil Engineering and taking Environmental courses ignited my interest in Water treatments, Wastewater Management and Water resources. During 2009, I started my first research program with my father’s Help and supervision. In this research I worked on Ultrasonic wave irradiation (... ... middle of paper ... ...reover, I participated in the International Association of Civil Engineering Students – IACES – program in Belgrade in 2010. My short term goal is to continue my studying in Civil and Environmental Engineering and achieve my Master’s Degree and Doctor of philosophy (PhD). My long term plan is to seek career opportunity in University as a Professor. Based upon my Research background, skills, and interest in Environmental engineering, I am confident that this is the right path for me. Northeastern University has a great reputation along with knowledgeable faculty. NEU’s Master of Science program is ideally suited to my intermediate and long-term career aspirations. Eager to embark on this next phase of my career development, I look forward to studying at Northeastern University and contributing to your outstanding academic community. Warmest Regards Hesameddin Azimi