Coffee Case Study

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Coffee Health Benefits or Risks:
Cardiology and Anthropology Perspectives
I. Introduction
Many people consume coffee at any time of the day all around the world. They come in many different forms, that could either be a benefit or a risk to a person’s health. How is it that coffee could hinder how people live? “Effects of caffeine and coffee consumption on cardiovascular disease and risk factors” by Anna Victoria Mattioli, takes on a perspective of cardiology. Mattioli speaks about how coffee can speed up the effects of heart disease. On the other hand, “To sip or not to sip: the potential health risks and benefits of coffee drinking” by Sarah R. Taylor and Barbara Demmig-Adams; take an anthropology and evolutionary biology & ecology approach.
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Mattioli on the other hand just focuses on how coffee effects the heart and cardiovascular disease, “The relationship between coffee and coronary artery disease has been studied extensively (204).” Taylor and Demmig end the article with a section that says ‘Problems, conclusions, and suggested future research’ and a chart that has the health concerns that come from drinking coffee. On the other hand, Mattioli ends the article with an executive summary of the article and what was researched. Both articles have close similarities, but are also very different when it comes to how the data is put into the…show more content…
Both articles use words that are commonly known to people when they read the article. Mattioli also uses fairly complex words that not many people know in addition to the simple words known by many people. The article is not very concise when speaking about the risks of caffeine on the body. Taylor and Demmig states “Several studies over the past decade have related coffee consumption with lowered risks for diseases involving the digestive system (p. 411).” On the other hand, Taylor and Demmig use concise language with less complex wording that allows the reader to understand what the articles point is. While Mattioli uses complex words in her article the summery has very concise and simple language. The articles both use language that can be understood by different levels of
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