Sports Injuries In Sports

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Does sport injuries only occur from deliberately harming another player or does it occur from different aspects that can harm a athletic human body? NBA Players understand that aggressive behavior and any type of poor conduct results in a heavy price. The NBA League enforces plenty of rules to regulate players and when one is broken, action is taken immediately and forced towards the player. All NBA Players know that any fatal aggression can lead to a flagrant foul, which can potentially harm the athletic players. In a local Basketball League I participate in, “The Coptic League”, they emphasize that we produce Christian behavior only, but this does not stop many players from becoming injured or injuring another player. Many players in the league are subjected to injuries from games being played, especially concussions. Any type of injury is highly critical because it causes the person to become critically hurt and potentially fatally wounded. The most immense type of injury in sports is a concussion. Concussions are extremely dangerous because they can result in a player developing traumatic brain injuries, and depending on the level of the concussion, possible death. Therefore the Coptic League should empathize that each and every player should stay hydrated for every game that has a presence. Basketball is a very popular sport in the Coptic League and they offer players to have enjoyment and have a great time on the court. However injuries in the league that occur are an issue because many players are exposed to developing these serious injuries and potentially can lead to a fatal situation. For some players, recovery time can takes weeks and even months depending on the injury. Injuries range from minor jammed fingers and fa... ... middle of paper ... ... obtain a healthy functional body (Jeff Gaudette). Therefore hydration should still be a leading gain of energy to players to obtain. The Coptic League has many injuries that occur during the season and many of them result in damaging defined injuries. Staying hydrated to increase blood flow and stretching of the muscle is a great approach in preventing injuries. Injuries such as concussions leads to many dangerous problems that affect a player and potentially can lead to death. Staying highly hydrated helps players because they are exposed to full effort and they can maximize their level of intensity. Stretching of the muscles loosens them to become prepared at an athletic level and less frequent injuries. Prevention of injuries is the leading cause to improve the league and its players, staying hydrated and stretching is the approach each player should consider.

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