Sports Car Accident

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An officer began a routine stop for someone exceeding the speed limit but the driver of the sports car they were trying to pull over speed up instead of slowing down. During the course of this chase the speeds of both the police car and the sports car rose to above 100 miles per hour. At the end of the high speed chase the officer lost control of their cruiser and ran up on a sidewalk hitting a pedestrian, ultimately killing the pedestrian. In the same moment hearing the commotion caused by this accident the sports car driver looked back and proceeded to crash the sports car. Following the impact the sports car driver was killed and now people are looking for a place to distribute the blame for these two deaths. It must be decided if the officer is at fault for these deaths and the best way for the police department to act following these deaths. The legal, ethical and moral aspects of each situation must be evaluated. After this evaluation is made decisions must be made that incorporate and satisfy all of these variables in a manner most favorable to the police department.

Death of Sports Car Driver

Summary of Facts
During a high speed pursuit at speeds of over 100 mph involving an officer and the driver of the sports car the officer lost control and hit and killed a pedestrian on the sidewalk. When this occurred the sports cars driver turned to look back, crashed the sports car and was killed.

Issues Presented
Is the police department liable for the death of the sports car driver? Could the officer have prevented the death of the driver? Does the speed of the chase affect either of these variables?

Arguments by Each Side
There are three sides to this argument. The first side that is presented is...

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... addition waiting to punish the officer if the police department chose to do so would be the best course of action because if they do it before the cases are dismissed they may give the lawsuits merit to go to court. This would waste a lot of money and the officer and police department would be win but they could avoid wasting time and money by just delaying the decision on the punishment until after the lawsuits has been taken care of. Legally the officer and police station are not liable but ethically and morally they have a duty and responsibility to help both families in anyway they can without incriminating themselves. The final recommendation would be to get the lawsuits and legal liable dismissed with the Statute mentioned previously and then using good morals and ethics help both families and the officer in any way that can after this traumatic incident.

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