Special Treatment for Special People

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Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez, displays the significance of an allegory through the narration of the fantasy story. There is no definite allegory for the readers to specify on by the way Marquez wrote this short story. In the story “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, an old man with enormous wings is discovered by Pelayo, who found him behind his courtyard while killing crabs. This old man speaks in a language that Pelayo and his wife, Elisenda, cannot comprehend. They both assume that the old man was sent from the heavens to take away their child. Pelayo and Elisenda keep the old man their chicken coop overnight and later find out in the morning that the old man had become an attraction in their neighborhood. This draws in the local priest, Father Gonzaga to determine whether or not the old man could be an actual angel, but Father Gonzaga concludes that he does not speak Latin, therefore not an actual angel, and explains to the crowd how the devil uses this disguise to deceive the people that are not informed and aware. In spite of the father’s conclusion about the old man, he draws more attention from people all around and Elisenda charges people to see him. People began to throw stones and brand him like he is some sort of a farm animal to be labeled and separated from the rest. When a freak show arrives to the town, the crowd leaves the old man to hear about a story of a spider-woman, who had been cursed for disobeying her parents. Pelayo and Elisenda had made a copious amount of wealth from charging the crowd to see the old man with wings. After years has passed on, the old man with wings eventually regains his strength back and decides to fly off into the sky as Elisenda watches him disappear into the horizon o...

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...leave because he have become a burden for them, although it is because of him, that they are wealthy. In the United States, homeowners as well as business owners take advantage of these people, infamously known as “illegal aliens”, by using them to do their labor and in exchange they do not say a word about their citizenship or illegal stay in the U.S. Although many of these undocumented people are being treated unfairly for silence, it does not outweigh the fact that their “owners” are degrading them to slaves.
In conclusion, society treatment of each other depends on the characteristics of human physical appearance in addition to their background. The old man with enormous wings and spider-woman provides much support about the disrespect from people to other groups of people and the act of favoring someone else over another because they are different.

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