Special Student or Non-Degree Study

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Many of the universities here in the U.S will allow you to enroll in degree-level courses without the need of enrolling in a full-time study program if you are currently studying towards gaining an undergraduate or graduate degree or if you have just completed your secondary education. This will allow you to take classes in a particular department at several departments in a university or at numerous universities in a local area. Persons called “special students” are non-degree students who are taking degree-level courses. There is usually a time limit imposed by the universities on the amount of semesters in which you can be enrolled as a special student. For more information on the choice and how to apply to U.S universities, visit Graduate Study or Undergraduate Study. Many of the university catalogs will have the details about the opportunities and requirements for being a special student. For application procedures and specific information for programs and schools that interest you, check out the admission offices of the universities as well as the departments that are concerned, and explain that you would like to do a short period of studying in a degree-level course as a special student. University sponsored financial aid such as scholarships are not always ineligible to the special students. There may be available funding from organizations and independent foundations which would include Fulbright commissions, who honors scholarships to students of post graduate study. Education USA can provide you with further details regarding this and your university’s study abroad office, advising centers, career placement center or the community libraries that will have funding directories such as the grants register and f... ... middle of paper ... ...ities for their personal research website. Prospective fellows should directly contact the universities admissions office for specific information. The university website or catalogue will have general information about this. A visiting fellow would have to have financial support from an outside source or be self-funded. For reference you can find funding directories at the Education USA advising center. Look at the Bibliography in the student’s reference section for more information. Sections on Specialized Professional study or graduate study will have more information on the opportunities for visiting scholars in the U.S institutes and universities. Distance Learning For those students who would like to have a U.S degree but do not want to leave their home for long periods are not ineligible from a U.S education. Visit distance learning and learn more.
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