Space Exploration: A Waste of Tax Revenues

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U.S. Federal government support of space exploration is NOT the most effective way to engage in scientific discovery Space exploration can be dated back to the age of European Renaissance, a historic age when arts and cultural transformation began. It was the same era when there gradual but widespread transition in educational reforms. Since then the flourishing art and science of stars and planets transformed in to the minute details of comets and meteors. The study, which started as the fundamental physical laws, governing the motions of planets around the sun, gave a great insight of not just our planet earth but also of millions of galaxies, which exist, in the world beyond us. Though much advancement has been made in this regard, there is so much yet unrevealed. The question of concern is whether it is worth investing in space exploration or is it a simple waste of tax-payers money? The objective is to answer this question by providing enough evidence to support the U.S. Federal government’s space exploration program. This paper will dwell on the many reasons as to why U.S. Federal government support of space exploration is not the most effective way to engage in scientific discovery. We intend to prove that there are other, more efficient ways to engage in scientific discovery rather than space exploration. Through the analysis of arguments for and against this cause, towards the end, I will give a conclusion not based on my own opinions but on the authenticity and credibility of the arguments. Arguments For Space Exploration As said by Frank Borman “Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit.” Until human beings explore and find out what is beyond, there is seldom satisfaction on part of them.... ... middle of paper ... The Benefits of Space Exploration/ (September 14, 2008) The positives for the people of the United States to use our resources to further the exploration of space. Retrieved February 25, 2010 ScienceFair/ NASA Unveils First Space Images From WISE Telescope(2010) Retrieved February 25, 2010 Coalition for Space Exploration/The Benefits of Space Exploration(2010) Retrieved February 25, 2010 BNet/Sun seekers: advances in space exploration technology could herald the answer to the global energy crisis and the search for emission-free sources to replace fossil fuels. Helen Knight and Jon Excell report. February 24 2010. Retrieved February 25, 2010. Technology Transfer Programme/ Pierre Brisson. Retreived February 25, 2010

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