Southern Gothic Genre Essay

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The Complexity of the Southern Gothic Genre Southern Gothic represents a grotesque and dark era that occurred in the American South after the Civil war. Many authors explored the many elements of this genre and its used to give a mysterious and gloomy aura to short stories. This genre creates suspense and mystery, but also reflects on social issues that were relevant in the early 19th century. “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by Flannery O’Connor and A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner are both examples of how dynamic southern gothic is. O’Connor and Faulkner capture some of the many aspects of this genre by elaborating about the hardships of love, revealing irony within the stories, and by depicting how society is so quick to judge others. “A Rose for Emily” happens to be a story set in the south during a time where women were supposed to be classy and care for their families. Emily did not fit in because she had little to no encounters with the opposite sex. Mr. …show more content…

The grandmother seemed to be a typical religious southern woman, but so happens to an evil person. She always speaks about beliefs, but does not follow them. She judges strangers and makes many hypocritical statements. Unfortunately, the family encounters a serial killer named the Misfit while on a road trip. After her family is murdered, the grandmother thinks that by manipulating the Misfit and using love will save her life. Knowing that her life may end at any moment, the Grandmother begins to show love to the Misfit: “Why you’re one of my babies. You’re one of my own children!” She attempts to coax him, but love is the thing that seals her fate. The Misfit shoots her dead and she dies with a smile on her face. Love is complicated and it can have a negative or positive outcome in certain circumstances. As a final point, this genre depicts the horror individuals will go to when their hearts are being toyed

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