American Gothic Essay

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A painting known as American Gothic was painted in 1930 by Grant Wood. It portrays a farmer with pitchfork (Grant’s dentist) and a woman (Grant’s sister) in front of a house. After Grant Wood won his competition with the painting, it became extremely well known and was often borrowed for cartoons, commercials and novels. Novels such as Gothic literature, even though Gothic literature was “invented” about two hundred years before the painting, people still somehow connected the two. Whenever people read Gothic literatures they would visualize the painting or vice versa. “Gothic literature is part of fiction that became popular during the late 1700s in Europe.”( Many of the stories generally have combinations of horror, mystery and romantic with a particular focus of settings. Settings such as inside a castle are used often in the earlier Gothic literature along with the supernatural elements. In Gothic literature there are few important characteristics that act as the backbone of the plot and many of the circumstances. For example alienation, transgression, and supernatural (symbolism). Alienation can be defined as emotional isolated or dissociation from others. Alienation helps with character development. For example, a character being separated from their loved ones physically and mentally which cause them to feel isolated from the society and develop a new characteristic. Having a new characteristic usually lead to transgression, transgression is the violation of a particular moral or breaking rules in the society. Most of the time it happens to the protagonists of the story, a protagonist is “the main character in a story, novel, drama, or other literary work, the character that the reader or audience empath... ... middle of paper ... ...he town people grew stronger, a symbolism for the tension between the belief in science and belief in the supernatural. Throughout the novel and the movie of Sleepy Hollow, both has its own uniqueness. The biggest change in narrative from the movie by Tim Burton of Sleepy Hollow from the short story by Washington Irving was the fact that Crane was presented as a skeptic who relies on scientific methods to solve the murders happened in town. In the movie, he was being sent from New York who goes to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of murders. This alter the meaning of the story because he wasn’t as superstitious as he was supposed to be. According to the book, Crane is an extremely superstitious man who often believe in supernatural and led to him being scared at night. He was supposed to be afraid of the Headless Horseman and hope he won’t be beheaded by him.
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