American Gothic Essay

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What is America Gothic? The American Gothic movement started around the same time as the transcendentalist movement. Gothic writers unlike transcendentalist writers believed that life wasn 't all rainbows and butterflies. They saw it as a cruel and sometimes menacing place. During this time Gothic writers wrote about the true evils and that even the nicest person could have some of the worse demons. Gothic writing was usually written in mysterious and ominous tine. Most Gothic novels were filled with death and terror. The authors of Gothic novels most commonly filled their books with omens and foreshadows, showing the dark side of mankind. American Gothic stories also wrote about the supernatural such as ghosts, monsters, women in distress,…show more content…
One great American Gothic story written by Poe is The Tell Tale Heart. What makes this story Gothic/creepy is how the narrator describes the old man 's eye. Also the fact that the narrator is constantly thinking of killing the old man because of his eyes. Then again he still wants the reader to believe that he is not insane for having these thoughts. And that he has a legitimate reason behind his own crazy reasoning. In the first paragraph of page 41 of the story he says “True! Nervous very very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that i am mad?” then later he goes on to say “I heard many things in hell. How then am I mad?” The narrator is the perfect example of a character from a Gothic novel. He is extremely irrational and believe he has a right or even a duty to kill the old man and to put a stop to his…show more content…
T.O Mabbot from his book Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe says “Poe 's narrator tells a plain and simple story”. Although T.O Mobbot believes that Poe 's story was dull he believes it works to help the store reach its full ethos. T.O later goes on to say “The story 's plainness and simplicity, in facts seem the means by which the narrator 's madness is rendered transparent.” Even though he thinks it plain and simple it also agree that Poe 's plainness in the narrator helps the story reach it full impact and goal of allowing the reader a glimpse into the insanity of the narrator. What makes Poe 's story Gothic according to Nicole Smith is the killing of the old man and the way the narrator hides the body after murdering him. Even the way the narrator goes on to describe the eye as “pale blue that constantly follows him” is weird and unnatural. Edgar Allan Poe also briefly includes a scene of the supernatural. On the first page second paragraph of the novel the narrator talks of hearing voices before he goes to the old mans room “I heard all things in the heavens and in the earth. I heard many things in
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