Sopranos Smallgoods Case Study

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Safety culture construction is increasingly emphasized by enterprises, taking employee safety and health as well as enterprise development as objectives, guiding employees to establish the correct security values, form and improve safety rules and regulations in the organization, strengthen security education and training and improve safety of workplace become significant parts of enterprises’further development. Required by WHS acts (Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995), both employees and employers have responsibilities to set up a safe and healthy working environment and for employees they should protect themselves away from injuries and follow WHS instructions and safe rules. From employers’ perspective, they have responsibilities to make sure training and supervising about safe work practices have already provided to employees and workers are protected by WHS systems and update rules. From Sopranos Smallgoods case, because of lacking safety and health care, workers have to work under safety risk and management has deficiencies in supervision. Based on human resource function, there are some recommendations based on job design, training and development, performance management, rewards…show more content…
For food processing, quality and safety of the products are the most important issues. The way of stimulating is important, money stimulation is unscientific and cannot lasts long. Recommendations could be listen from employees what they really need from their feedback or appraisals chat. In order to focus on product and personnel safety, performance management should emphasis on product quality rather than quantity, which eased staff pressure due to high demand. Utilize behavior and quality approach to manage performance, get oversight from peers and pay attention to
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