International Food and Beverage Management

From a food and beverage manager's perspective - What are the important characteristics and procedures of a food and beverage establishment in relation to its size, type, market, design, planning and organization?

The importance of planning and designing procedures for a food and beverage establishment is essential for a successful establishment. Procedures are the cautions taken to ensure that the operation is running effectively and efficiently to meet demands of the customer, with an effective and efficient operation it may reduce the complication of keeping customer relationships intact with the business. Making good decisions about operational procedures is an important characteristics to ensure that all processes and steps are taken to a degree of high quality standards and are delivered so it meets the requirements of a customer or goals set by the organization. Business that have effective practices can produce products and services that meets a high quality standards that can be delivered as the establishment inputs an effective effort into procedures such as supplies, customer orders, and payment that enable the organization to grow. Doyle, Bell and Smith (2010) examine that procedures was needed for an effective operation, for example procedures can resolve problems like poor customer servicing can be resolved by putting 100% effort of service to all customer no matter if it large or small, so that all customer are treated equally also on other hands like issues such as inventory efficiency, can be arranged so that the establishment is aware of stock control procedures and structures so that there is enough stock for sales. An establishment with a solid control on procedures allows effective and efficient operations bu...

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