Sony's Success as a Business

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Sony's Success as a Business



We will know if the business is successful if the customers come back

again to the business and are pleased with the products. This can be

found out by the revenue (the selling price x number sold). We will

also know if the business is successful is if the amount of profit

they are making and the number of customers visiting the business

(Market share). The size of the business is also a way to measure

success because the more the business, the bigger they have to spend

on stock and control the market and if the business is big, it will be

known more then a smaller business.

A company is making a profit when it has enough money to pay for

bills, (for example, loans, rent and bill etc) and still has money

left. This is important although short-term profit is not as important

as the amount profit increases by. The profit then affects the

company's share price, which affects what investors think of its

prospects for the future and how well they will compete in their

market with competitors.

In my coursework I will be finding out why Sony is successful as a




I will try answer the question in a variety of ways, one way is to do

questionnaire's, these for the shops customers. This will include a

number of multiple-choice questions that will be about how satisfied

the customers are. Also for this coursework I will conduct surveys of

the company's prices and the quality of products sold in the stores.

This will be done by checking on the company's website or going into

one of the stores and recording the prices and comparing them with

other electrical goods companies (Panasonic, Nokia, LG and JVC). I

have chosen these companies as they are leading brands that do come

into competition against Sony. This will tell us why Sony is a

successful business because if more people are buying Sony this means

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