Solar Energy : An Alternative Source

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Solar energy is one of the useful resources, which do not impact on the environment. Today, some consumers use fossil fuel, which is nonrenewable and cause pollution, rather than other sources. Fossil fuel can make the air unhealthy by releasing carbon dioxide; therefore, solar energy is great because it is renewable energy and it is replaced. Solar energy as the same other sources has many uses, some of them can be dangerous especially if consumers use it in a wrong way and some of them can be useful and helpful for the environment; therefore, there are environmental advantages of solar energy. Overall, solar energy is an alternative source and can be used in many ways: to protect the environment since it is non-polluting, can be used in remote areas, and can be used in many devices. Solar energy can be used as an alternative for fossil fuels because it is non-polluting. Solar power does not emit harmful gasses like other sources which release oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide; therefore, the environment is reduced from the risk. When fossil fuels are burned, they release carbon dioxide, which affects the climate because carbon dioxide may create “greenhouse effect” in the environment, and cause global warming. Therefore, this increases in the weather conditions like hurricanes, but in solar energy there is not any combustions that impact the environment. Moreover, solar energy can produce electricity without fuel, so people can avoid the problems of transportation of fuel. This will not make the air in the environment healthy and clean, but it can reduce further pollution. In addition, solar energy is produced during the day, and cannot be produced at night since the sun does not rise at night, so people can use it during ... ... middle of paper ... ...ices. To sum up, solar energy has so many advantages, which might help the environment from the pollution because solar energy is clean and non-polluting, can be used in remote areas, and many devices can be charged by solar energy. Solar power is useful for the environment because it does not pollute carbon dioxide, and people can use it during the day to recharge their devices. Also, some houses might does not have a power or an electricity, so solar energy can solve this problem by reaching the sunlight to these houses with solar panels. Batteries and calculators are using solar energy to recharge rather than electricity. In the future, solar energy will become more popular than now since to fossil fuel has some effects on the environment. Many people like solar energy because of the advantages, but does solar energy has disadvantages in the environment?
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