Software Testing In The Software Development Cycle

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Software testing is the process of evaluating a software item to identify differences between given input and expected output. It also confirms that the feature and functions of the software going to be working according to the specifications and requirements. It is considered as most important part of software development cycle(SDLC). Testing actually defines the quality of the product. Software testing is a process which should be done during the development process and the system is complete. In other words software testing combines with verification and validation process. In this Section we test our proposed simulation software with different testing method.

9.1 Testing
Testing is the process which helps us to find out errors from software
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Knowing the internal working of a product, tests can be conducted to ensure that all internal operations are performed accurately according to specification and all internal components have been adequately examined. It is called Implementation testing.

9.3 Classification of Testing

There are many approaches to software testing. There are two basic types of testing. They are:
1. Static Testing
2. Dynamic Testing

9.3.1 Static Testing
Static testing involves verification. Static testing is a software testing process that involves testing of the program's code and its associated documentation but does not require the program . Static testing is related to inspecting the code. For this software, all the codes reviewed different times.
We used first testing for our project is static testing.

9.3.2 Dynamic Testing

Dynamic testing involves validation. Dynamic testing is a method of increasing the feasibility of a software program by giving input and examining the output .The dynamic method requires that the code be compiled and run.
We used dynamic testing for examining the complete system.

9.4 Importance of
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9.5.2 Black Box Testing
Black-box testing is a process of software testing that examines the functionality and methodology of an application without connecting into its workings. It is also called independent testing and independent testing team doing this types of testing. This process of method of test can be applied to virtually every phase of software testing: such as : unit, integration, system and acceptance. It typically comprises most, if not all higher level testing, but can also dominate unit testing as well.
This test is performed in the presence of the user. Black box testing focuses on the overall function of the software rather than is structure. The set of tests is derived by considering the Requirement Specification for the software.
Testing is performed early in the stage out , but black box testing toward the end.

Typical black-box test design techniques include:
• Decision table testing
• All-pairs testing possible in this testing.
• Equivalence partitioning makes while doing black box testing.
• Black box testing measure boundary value
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