Socrates Opinion Of Socrates

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As Socrates continues his argument, he says that he would have been gone if he went into politics. Instead, he lived a private life where he talked with only a few people rather than the many. He does not want to be involved with the many, rather individuals. He then continues to restate that he never charged a fee to talk with people and has not refused to talk with someone. The reason why people want to talk to him is to find out what is just and unjust and finding if people have knowledge or not. Finally, Socrates says that he did not want to suck up to the court. He could have traditionally begged, cried, or mentioned family members to gain sympathy, but he did not. This would not be right for him because it would be embarrassing, this…show more content…
I think this because we do not know what death really is. We do not know what will happen when we die. It could be good or it could be bad, but Socrates believes that we should not fear things that we do not know about. We should only fear things that we know are bad and want the things that we know are good. When we do this with death, it is clear that we do not know about it and should not fear it. This allows us to think that there might be something after death and if we have lived a good life, we will be able to have a better life after death. This is not true of wickedness though. Socrates would say that wickedness is bad and therefore, we should avoid it at all costs. Since his accusers sentenced him to death when he was telling the truth, they are wicked. When someone is wicked, they are bad and should be avoided. When they die, they would not have a good place to go after death while Socrates would have a good place to go. Socrates is not a person who live an immoral life, but rather, his accusers are the one’s who live immoral lives. The person who speaks the truth and lives a just life is someone we should strive to be rather than someone who tries to get off an accusation by going off from the investigation or lying. What Socrates is trying to point out here is that we should not be afraid to die if we are moral people. If we have wisdom, we are able to live a just life and should not fear when we die. Also, Socrates would say that it is harder to escape death than wickedness. This is by prolonging our time here on earth in the physical sense, but Socrates would argue that our soul would continue on and would never die. If we are moral and wise, we would have a soul that could live on that way forever. If we are wicked, we would have a soul that would continue that way even after
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