Socrates' Big Decision

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Hard decisions come around in everyone’s life every once in a while. These decisions can mean everything to you and even be considered life and death situations. Imagine yourself in the shoes of a philosopher named Socrates who has to face a big decision of whether or not to escape jail after being sentenced to be executed. For him it was an easy decision to make and he backed it up with all the ideas he had in his conversation with Crito. Socrates did the right thing by not escaping from jail because if he had escaped he would be contradicting everything he ever believed and said, and that would be the worst possible thing for Socrates.

Socrates was one of the few men who refused to escape jail while he knew that he was going to be punished by means of death. This was a very noble thing of him to do and it was the correct decision. During his last days, Crito tried to convince Socrates to escape. Then the two men had a discussion about what was right and wrong. Socrates gave very strong convincing statements to back up his side. The initial argument they both agreed on was doing unjust actions are not good and people should not act unjustly. Acting unjustly does harm to people’s soul and that is unacceptable for Socrates. It does not make sense for him to live with a soul that is corrupted.

Socrates is a very convincing speaker and philosopher because of all the good arguments he brings forth to the table revolving around his idea of living life justly. A big reason he did the right thing by not escaping is because and unjust act should not be done to repay an unjust act. He says “If we ought never to act unjustly at all, ought we to repay injustice with injustice, as the multitude thinks we may?” to help solidify his argument...

... middle of paper ...; it was to not escape jail. This was the right decision even though it was to cost him his life. This was a price he was willing to pay to show that he really believed in what he was saying, all the laws of Athens and the contract, and the main thing is that he was able to maintain a just soul. For Socrates all of that was much more important than living life, because his main philosophy was to live life justly otherwise you are not living life. There were some arguments made by Crito to push Socrates to escape, but he argued with Crito and showed that those arguments were not as important as was his reputation on the line. Socrates did the right thing by living a just life and taking on the poison at the end instead of just escaping and going against everything he ever believed in.

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