Sociopaths: The Cause Of Violent Crimes

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Statistics show 65% of teenagers commit violent crimes such as murder under the age of seventeen (Wright).Teenagers are susceptible to peer pressure and other leading factors. According to (Kluger, Kiviat, Park, and Carolyn Sayre) “In most cases, people who commit such murders are driven by a dark, even sexual pleasure, and while remorse is often associated with the acts-which accounts for the long lapses that can occur between murders. Until the impulse to kill comes again”. Remorse is not always common with murders, which is the main difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. Sociopaths are able to feel remorse while psychopaths are unable to feel any remorse. In most cases in which the perpetrator is “driven by a dark pleasure” mental …show more content…

It has been quoted “A 1992 study found that the average American child graduated from elementary school has seen more than 8,000 murders, more than 100,000 assaults, rapes and other acts of violence on television aone” (Wright). The amount of violence within children’s cartoons and music influences children negatively and plays off violence with humor. It has been proven, “with video games you’re not only passively receiving violent attitudes and behaviors, you're rehearsing them” (Cohen). The repetitive actions of shooting and violent behavior is replayed in the mind over and over, almost as muscle memory. It has been found “A recent analysis asserts that the correlation between virtual and actual aggression is stronger than those linking passive smoke and lung lung cancer” (Wright). Users of aggressive video games often do not realize how harmful the effects can be. Psychologists states “there is evidence that points to decades of research and more than a thousand studies that demonstrates a clear link between media violence and real aggression” (Wright). There is more than enough evidence that proves media violence is a link to actual violence. Children are more vulnerable to view violence on television. Children’s programs average between 20-30 violent acts per hour, four times as many as adult programs (Wright). The amount of violent acts shown to children at a young age is a factor that can lead a person to commit violent acts outside of the virtual

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