Social Workers Help Individuals, Families, Groups And Communities

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Social Workers help individuals, families, groups and communities to advance their wellbeing. I am interested in becoming a social worker in a Forensic or Corrections setting as I feel I will be able to connect with people in need of help because of my empathy and experience with youth who were in trouble with the law. Social Workers in the corrections environment help individuals who clash with the law and are convicted with a crime. They can also help the offenders’ family, which I find very important as the family would be strongly affected by the offenders’ actions. Social Workers have many different roles that are very interesting to me including assessing new arrivals, planning support for the offender, write progress reports, release and parole planning, counselling, crisis prevention and interventions, mediation, helping offender reconnect with their community and case managing. Social Work is a very varied profession, which means there are many strengths needed for success. Social workers need to be accepting towards the client so they feel comfortable to talk about their experience, non-judgemental for the same reasons as stated earlier, confidential with the clients’ experiences, loyal towards the client to show that they are put first, kind and have a sense of humour. They also need to be empathetic, be able to actively listen, cooperative and relaxed. I feel my empathy and active listening skills, also my sense of humour and positivity would make me a very successful Social Worker. I have had experience around mental health and I know many people who have been both treated badly by the justice system, and those who have abused the laws the justice system set for us. I feel as I have experience with some offenders, ... ... middle of paper ... will be in a small class but still have the same curriculum as a University. If I were to become a Social Worker, I would definitely ensure I pass my Social Science Foundation course with a B+ to proceed into a Bachelor of Social work located at the Porirua Whitireia campus. I am looking into doing some volunteer youth or community work so I am able to have some experience in the social service industry. As New Zealand is a very multi-cultural country, I would like to study different cultures and make sure I am aware of their morals and cultural differences. I feel this would help me connect more deeply with the people I will be working with, leaving them feel supported and understood. After I have completed all my studies, I am aiming towards a gap year in which I can travel around Europe and then return to New Zealand to find a job in a corrections environment.

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