Social Work: Women Population

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Chapter 16 of, Social Work, a Profession of Many Faces addressed the women population. It examined the unique sociological problems within the population and discussed its history of discrimination. It discussed the importance of understanding gender roles and social inequality. The chapter highlighted concepts and techniques that are used within the women population One social work concept that should be applied when dealing with the women population is understanding that it is the responsibility of the social worker to assist their clients in the decision making process; It is not the social worker’s responsibility to make decisions for the client. Social workers are in place to provide the client with resources that enable them to obtain their goals. However, it is up to the client to set their own goals and expectations. Often times, women find themselves in stressful situations and look for the easiest solution to the problem. This mind set can translate into the misconception that the social worker is responsible for coming up with solutions to their clients problems. Some women expect the social worker to do the entire problem solving process for them. There are several reasons why this approach is not beneficial to the client. It is imperative for a social worker to understand that a client will not change their behavior until the client is ready to do so. Regardless of the social workers efforts to assist, if the client is not ready to make the necessary changes, they will remain in their self-destructive situations. The client must first want to help themselves before a social worker can began to assist. For example, a social work can provide a client with all the resources needed to recover from an addicti... ... middle of paper ... ...Chapter 16 of, Social Work a Profession of Many Faces explained how women have been faced with oppression all through history. There is the belief that women are inferior to men and should be subordinate. There is the presence of equality in the work place that enables men to make more money doing the same job as women. The women population also faces many discrimination factors such as race and sexuality. As social workers it is important that we utilize the various concepts and strategies that been proven beneficial to the women population. Social workers must be informed of the different belief systems and morals that influence our clients in the women population. Finally, it is imperative that social workers empower the women population. Works Cited Scott, M. S. (2010). Social Work A Profession Of Many Faces. Upper Staddle River : Allyn & Bacon.
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